Luiza Fagá
is a writer and filmmaker. She graduated in Journalism from Cásper Líbero University (São Paulo, Brazil) and has a master's degree from the Netherlands Film Academy (Amsterdam, Holland).

As a reporter, she worked for the art magazines "Continuum", published by Itaú Cultural Institute, and "Efêmero Concreto", produced by the collective AHH!.

Luiza directed the documentary "Bottled up" (2009), nationally broadcasted in Brazil by TV Cultura, and worked as an editor and assistant director in various audiovisual productions, such as the short films "Another city" (2009), by Coraci Ruiz, and "Re-visit" (2012), by israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan, and the feature "We others" (2013), by Marina Weis.

In 2012, Luiza initiated at the Netherlands Film Academy an artistic research on methods for transcreating literature into the audiovisual language. The first result of that research is the experimental short "The present is an animal that lives in my stomach" (2013), transcreated from an homonymous text written by herself.


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